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Beyonce shoots for BAZAAR Magazine | November 2011 Issue

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Beyonce on her Pregnancy Announcement

How did you come with the idea to reveal your pregnancy at the 2011 VMAs?
I dreamt it actually. There were so many rumors about me being pregnant every three months for the past couple of years. I thought the best way and the classiest way was to just show it. My husband and I have been together for ten years so I guess people felt apart of it and it makes me feel really good.

On Jay-Z’s reaction
I couldn’t see that in real life but I did see it on a bunch of TV specials. I couldn’t escape it, so it was nice.

On what this year means to her
You know I just feel like I’ve been through everything in my life is all for right now. Hopefully life will continue to get better and I’ll continue to get stronger and be an incredible mother.

Side Note: Like most other celebrities she did not sell her announcement to a major magazine for money. For example a lot of celebs sell the rights over to US Magazine, etc.

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