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Gaga for VANITY FAIR Magazine

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Quote of the Day by Tyra Banks

“Dream so damn big that people laugh in your face then pop your gum and your collar in their face when you succeed!”

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Lady Gaga | JUDAS + Quote

When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl.  Then, I say ‘Bitch, you’re Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.

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Marilyn Monroe Doctrine

Marilyn Monroe has been known for her famous quotes, as an actress.  She is publishing an all exclusive Doctrine of her inspirations. All from the mind of a Legend!

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Quote of the Day!

The greatest is never really recognized for what he does until the time comes and he shows the world what they have been looking past.

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Powerful Quote

The road to success is not straight. There is a curve called Failure, a
loop called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends, red lights called
Enemies, caution lights called Family. You will have flats called Jobs.
But, if you have a spare called Determination, an engine called
Perseverance, insurance called Faith, a driver called JESUS, you will
make it to a place called Success!!!
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